From anywhere in the world, I'll work remotely online with you and and completely transform your home into a space you’ll love to come travel to.  You will see your home as it takes shape via video, photos or conference call and you will be able to access and collaborate with me to keep the project true to your intentions.

During an initial consultation call, I’ll work with you to clarify exactly what you want for your space.  The consultation follows the same process as an in-person consultation, with the exception that we are speaking on the phone or via Skype and that you may have to be able toprovide me with access to your home.

If you are able to complete a few simple steps prior to your call, that would be great! If you have any photo's of the spaces, floor plans or measurements, please email them to me with any of your idea's.

During our call, we will identify exactly what look and style you want for your room and decide which furniture pieces you’d like to reuse/replace (if applicable). We will talk about the artwork, window treatments, rugs, lighting and paint colors.  If you have any particular needs for your space, such as purchasing bedding, towels dishes,

I can also accommodate that.  Once I have an idea of your vision, I will put together a plan that will be formally packaged with renderings, color pallets, furnishing and accessory options. 

If you are the type of person that still wants some hands on, there are options to obtain a "look book" with floor plans, sketches and elevations of important details, a concept board, a shopping guide with pricing and detailed instructions on how I be implementing the design.

A packet with swatches of your chosen fabrics, wallpapers and paint can also be sent.

​After you have had a chance to evaluate the plan, we will chat again to tweak any concerns and ensure the design meets all of your expectations.


During the next phase. I will purchase and install all of the furnishing, fixtures and accessories.  I will be on site frequently to ensure that items are received in good condition & to oversee sub-contractors to double-check that everything is installed correctly with respect to the design intent. 

Several times during the process I will send you images of the progress.

You will have an opportunity to access the design and make changes should you so choose. 


The final step is the big reveal!

At your request, I will video your home or I will be there when you arrive for the first time and turn your key.

I will make sure that the project runs smoothly

and your home surpasses your expectations, every step of the way.