My approach to decorating a vacation rental is to implement sound design principles, creating a standout property that is functional, comfortable, durable, easy to clean and most importantly profitable! 


Color and style trends can come and go and come back around again.  But if the design considers a travelers’ expectations and satisfies their needs, your home becomes timeless.

Your guests should have that “wow” feeling when stepping through the door for the first time. The first impression should be better than the photos.  Their experience surpassing expectations.


Great rental income comes from repeat guests and 5-star testimonials. The way to achieve both is by going above and beyond the competition. Expectations have risen significantly and what was seen as ‘luxury' a few years ago, now is considered to be standard.  If you provide the barest minimum in the way of features, facilities and design, your guests will either be barely satisfied or will complain after they leave.

Yes! it is important to provide an unlimited amount of toilet paper, shampoo and shower gel, good quality kitchen equipment, up to date entertainment systems.

It also helps to have surprising design details that other properties don’t consider.

It is okay if you do not provide these things, but you must always let your guests know what to expect so they aren’t surprised by their expectations not being met.  And you may have to lower income expectations.


In the end, when you rent your vacation home you have become part of a big industry.  Holiday rentals are consumer-driven tourism that are rapidly achieving status as a vacation choice.  I will help you be on the leading edge of it and get the most possible return on one your largest investments.